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    COBOL Java Code Examples

     >Using Java and COBOL Together
    It introduces the different ways that Java and COBOL applications can call each other.


  • COBOL JCL Examples

    >COBOL JCL Procedure Tips - TechTarget
    Here are numerous mainframe COBOL JCL 390 tips. 

    >Job Control Language (JCL) - Wikipedia
    This shows an example of COBOL JCL statements necessary to copy an existing dataset to a new dataset. 

    >Job Control Language (JCL) Standard for MVS & JES2 - University of California, Santa Barbara
    There are various COBOL JCL examples and illustrations. 

    >Just Enough JCL Tutorial to be dangerous
    The purpose of this booklet is to get you started with COBOL JCL when there is no other way - you don't have time to go to a class, don't want to buy a complete book on it and try to find the things you need to know. 

    >MVS JCL - Louisiana Tech University
    This is an example of print hello world on job output 

    >OS/390 and z/OS JCL - Mike Murach & Associates
    It contains the COBOL JCL coding segments and job streams that are used as examples in the book. 

    >Sample COBOL JCL -
    Here are various COBOL JCL samples. 

    >Sample COBOL JCL Coding - IBM
    It includes sample COBOL JCL codings that are useful for students and training centers. 

    >The COBOL JCL Connection, Managing JCL, Procedures and PDS's - SimoTime Enterprises
    The JCL Connection provides a suite of sample programs and documentation that use the mainframe Job Control Language (JCL).




  • Contributed by: Franco Stringari Pudler, Mercosoft, Brazil

    I want to suggest, a solution for accessing Mysql database using traditional Cobol commands.

    Commands like OPEN, START, READ, WRITE, REWRITE, DELETE…… a solution developed for MicroFocus Cobol applications, where the only need, is to change the configurations of your programs and recompile them.

    The basic consist of changing the parameter CALLFH to CALLFH”EXTMYSQL”.

    EXTMYSQL is a program that will treat all file access from Cobol, translating to Mysql access commands. It use LIBMYSQL “C” API connector, that why it is very fast and secure.

    This little program is very important to those who want to migrate from Cobol or need to work with mixed language, saving first investment over Cobol application.

    Here you will find a link to Download a little sample.

    More information may be found at .

    Any question may be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject “COBOL MYSQL”.

    Thank for attention.

    Franco Stringari Pudler

          *  IMEDIATA INFORMATICA EMPRESARIAL LTDA                                 *
          *  PROGRAMA - CnvMfMy - Converte arquivo gerado originalmente em COBOL   *
          *                       para Banco de dados Mysql                        *
           PROGRAM-ID.    CnvMfMy.
           AUTHOR.        Franco Stringari Pudler.
           FILE-CONTROL.        *> Informa que o arquivo é padrão MYSQL            SELECT ARQMYS ASSIGN TO DYNAMIC W-LABMSQ
                       ORGANIZATION IS INDEXED
                       ACCESS MODE  IS DYNAMIC
                       LOCK MODE    IS MANUAL
                       FILE STATUS  IS W-STATUS
                       RECORD KEY   IS MY-LAN
                       ALTERNATE RECORD KEY IS MY-CTA
                                    WITH DUPLICATES.        *> Informa que próximo arquivo é padrão DEFAULT MF            SELECT ARQMFS ASSIGN TO DYNAMIC W-LABMFS
                       ORGANIZATION IS INDEXED
                       ACCESS MODE  IS DYNAMIC
                       LOCK MODE    IS MANUAL
                       FILE STATUS  IS W-STATUS
                       RECORD KEY   IS MF-LAN
                       ALTERNATE RECORD KEY IS MF-CTA
                                    WITH DUPLICATES.        DATA DIVISION.
           FILE SECTION.       *> Definição do registro do arquivo que será gerado no MySql
           FD  ARQMYS.
           01  MY-REG.
               02 MY-SIT   PIC  X(01).
               02 MY-LAN   PIC S9(09)    COMP-3.
               02 MY-CTA   PIC S9(15)    COMP-3.
               02 MY-CDH   PIC S9(05)    COMP-3.
               02 MY-HST   PIC  X(30).
               02 MY-DTA   PIC S9(09)    COMP-3.
               02 MY-VAL   PIC S9(13)V99 COMP-3.       *> Definição do registro do arquivo com os dados originalmente gerados no padrão MF
           FD  ARQMFS.
           01  MF-REG.
               02 MF-SIT   PIC  X(01).
               02 MF-LAN   PIC S9(09)    COMP-3.
               02 MF-CTA   PIC S9(15)    COMP-3.
               02 MF-CDH   PIC S9(05)    COMP-3.
               02 MF-HST   PIC  X(30).
               02 MF-DTA   PIC S9(09)    COMP-3.
               02 MF-VAL   PIC S9(13)V99 COMP-3.        WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.
           77  W-LABMFS    PIC  X(60) VALUE "ARQMFS".
           77  W-LABMSQ    PIC  X(60) VALUE SPACES.
           77  W-STATUS    PIC  X(02).
           88  STAT-ERRO            VALUE X"3100" THRU X"3943"
                                          X"3945" THRU X"39EE".        88  DUPLICADO            VALUE "22".        77  W-MSG       PIC  X(80) VALUE SPACES.        LINKAGE SECTION.        PROCEDURE DIVISION.
           INICIO.            MOVE  "ARQMFS"    TO W-LABMFS.  *> Define onde estão os dados            OPEN INPUT ARQMFS.              *> Abre arquivo MF
               IF STAT-ERRO                    *> Verifica se abertura foi OK
                  STRING  "Abrindo Lote[" W-LABMFS "] Status"
                         W-STATUS DELIMITED BY "  " INTO W-MSG
                  DISPLAY W-MSG                *> Comunica causa do problema
                  STOP RUN.            MOVE  "@"
                                 TO W-LABMSQ.  *> Define parametros para o MySql            OPEN I-O ARQMYS.                *> Abre arquivo no MySql
               IF STAT-ERRO
                  DISPLAY "Criando Arquivo de destino"
                  STOP RUN.            MOVE  ZEROS       TO MF-LAN.    *> Define ponto de partida
               START ARQMFS KEY IS NOT LESS THAN MF-LAN.  *> Posiciona no registro Cf definido acima
               PERFORM UNTIL STAT-ERRO                    *> Loop para geração do arquivo
                  READ ARQMFS NEXT RECORD                 *> Recupera registro no arquivo Micro Focus
                     AT END DISPLAY "Fim conversão sem problemas" *> Termino sem problemas
                     NOT AT END                           *> Encontrou registro
                        MOVE  MF-REG  TO MY-REG           *> Move estrutura MF para Mysql
                        WRITE MY-REG                      *> Grava registro na tabela Mysql
                        IF DUPLICADO                      *> Teste se registro já estava cadastrado
                           MOVE  ZEROS TO W-STATUS        *> Evita encerramento prematuro caso registro já exista
                           IF STAT-ERRO
                              DISPLAY "Erro gerando registro no Mysql, Staus  *> Não conseguiu gerar o registro
          -                           "[" W-STATUS "]"    *> Retorna possível causa do erro
                              STOP RUN                    *> Encerra processo
               END-PERFORM.            CLOSE ARQMFS.       *> Fecha os arquivos
               CLOSE ARQMYS.            STOP RUN.

  • COBOL Object Oriented Code Examples

     >Object-Oriented COBOL Programming
    Shapes OO Example: COBOL Code. 

    >Object Orientation for COBOL
    This OO COBOL sample can be registered as a COM server and called by client programs written in COBOL or other languages, including ASP.NET or VB.NET or C#.



  • COBOL on FaceBook

    AS400, iSeries, IBM, DB2, RPG, CLP, SQLRPG, ILERPG, DB2/400, AS/400, COBOL/400, DELPHI/400, ASNA, VISUAL/RPG 

    Grupo coboliano español 

    >COBOL, DB2, JCL, CICS... 
    Programmatori d'Italia... Unitevi!!! 

    This is a COBOL Facebook group for fans of this exciting new legacy integration we framework. 

    >COBOL People 
    COBOL Programmers from all corners of the World. We love COBOL, live and die with COBOL and still sling COBOL Code. 

    >COBOL Programmers 
    For Cobol Programmers and other slaves of the code. 

    >IBM IMS 
    Information Management System (IMS) is IBM's premier transaction and hierarchical database management system. The latest capabilities enable SOA exploitation, secure your investment and enable new application development. 

    >Larga vida al COBOL 
    Todos los que sigan insistiendo y apoyen para que Cobol no muera nunca y aceptar los desafios de nuevas propuestas y poder refutarlas con pruebas y hechos. Para los  novatos y los que desconocen todas las bondades de Cobol esto se podera convertir en un foro para discutir y quitar todas las dudas que surjan. Por eso...con COBOL, LA LEYENDA CONTINUA. 

    >Odio el COBOL 
    Para la gente que odia programar en COBOL (For the people who hate to program in COBOL). 

    >z390 and zcobol Portable Mainframe Assembler and COBOL 
    This COBOL Facebook group is for users and developers of z390 and zcobol portable mainframe assembler and COBOL. The z390 and zcobol open source java based tools run on any J2SE platform including Windows and Linux and can be downloaded via The zcobol comipiler is written in HLASM compatible z390 structured conditional macro assembler and is included with z390 in InstallShield setup for Windows. for more info.




  • COBOL on LinkedIn

    >ADABAS / NATURAL Experts 
    Adabas/Natural Experts Engineers/Analysts on IBM Mainframe Technologies MVS and some other associated technologies: DB2, CICS, COBOL, PLI, JCL. 

    AS/400 professionals using RPG or COBOL. 

    >B2B Data Exchange (Complex Data Exchange) 
    This group deals with unstructured data, such as office documents and PDFs; semi-structured data, such as COBOL copybooks, EDI, SWIFT and HIPAA transactions: and complex structured data, which includes large XML schemas such as ACORD in insurance. 

    COBOL-intresserade i Sverige! 

    >COBOL Freelance Groep 
    This group is for COBOL designers/developers working on the freelance market in the Netherlands. 

    COBOL IS ALIVE is a group dedicated to the proposition that not all computer languages are created equal. Java and .NET will fade with the next flavor but COBOL runs the world's business. 

    >COBOL Lovers of the World! 
    Dedicated to Admiral Grace Hopper's amazing legacy - COBOL. Americans welcome too! 

    Platform voor en door COBOL Professionals. 

    >COBOL Professionals (a.k.a. Grace Hopper Appreciation Society) 
    This group is for people who work or have worked with the programming language COBOL. As long as the language COBOL exists, Grace Hopper will never die. Long Live COBOL!! The large group icon is the crest for the USS Hopper named for Grace Hopper. 

    >COBOL Programmers 
    Group of qualified COBOL programmers/developers/analysts. 

    >COBOL ReSource 
    Network of people involved with COBOL ReSource, a COBOL replatforming product from Wang Laboratories. NOT a group for COBOL in general. 

    CobolScript is a COBOL based scripting language. Anyone who already knows COBOL can easily use CobolScript to build server-side scripts with virtually no learning curve. CobolScript has familar COBOL syntax and is ideal for data conversion, batch interfaces, and server-side scripting. 

    >Cobos Project 
    The Cobos Project is an Open Source COBOL Development Environment for Mainframe. 

    >Consultant MVS-COBOL 
    L'objectif de ce groupe est de permettre la mise en relation de consultants indépendants spécialisés dans les technologies MVS Cobol et de leur proposer des missions. 

    Plugin for cobol/asm/c/c++/java. 

    >ING IT Alumni 
    FAB & TAB / Mainframe Expertise / COBOL / CICS / DB2 / JCL / REXX / OPC / RACF. 

    >isCOBOL Professional Network 
    isCOBOL: the COBOL for Java platforms. A forum for all isCOBOL users and fans to network, collaborate and help each other. 

    >Lavorare in COBOL - DB2 
    Hai competenze COBOL Db2 e vuoi trovare occasioni di applicarle? Sei a conoscenza di aziende a cui servono queste competenze? Questo gruppo ha la finalita' di veicolare informazioni per trovare lavoro in ambito COBOL - DB2. 

    (COBOL,JCL,DB2,CICS,VSAM,MVS,Adabas/Natural) Experts
    This Group is formed for the Professionals Working on IBM Mainframe Environment in the areas of Development, Enhancements and Maintenance using COBOL, JCL, VSAM, FILE-AID, DB2, CICS and IBM utilities. 

    >Mainframe Assembler Professionals 
    Provide forum for mainframe assembler consultants to share information about tools and services available to support those assembler routines that always seem to show up in any large mainframe applications along with COBOL, CICS, JCL, etc. 

    >Mainframe - COBOL JOBs 
    This group allows to connect Mainframe professionals across the world and communicate each other on various real time issues 

    >Mainframe Experts Network 
    Mainframe Experts Network of specialists in IBM Mainframe Technologies Z9, S390, S370, S360, ES9000, XA, MVS, VM-CMS, DOS-VSE. Also knowledgeable in associated technologies: SAS, DB2, IMS, VSAM, CICS, CA, Cobol, PLI, Fortran, JCL. 

    >Mainframe Professional Network Group 
    Mainframe Experts Network of specialists in IBM Mainframe Technologies. Also knowledgeable in associated technologies: SAS, DB2, IMS, VSAM, CICS, CA, Cobol, PLI, Fortran, JCL and areas of Development, Enhancements and Maintenance using COBOL, JCL, VSAM, FILE-AID, DB2, CICS and IBM utilities. 

    >Mertech's BTR2SQL Users Group 
    Mertech's BTR2SQL allows applications developed for Btrieve/Pervasive databases in Magic, Java, C/C++, COBOL etc. to run with Oracle and MS SQL Server without source level changes. 

    >MF COBOL 
    Group of MF COBOL. 

    Group created for employees, collaborators, business partners and customers of the brazilian software company Microbase. Users of the Microbase products Cobol-MB, NET-MB, VirtuOS, X-Tractor, Urna Eletr�nica, Torii and @Office are also welcome. 

    >Micro Focus Net Express 
    To discuss extending the existing COBOL development environments into the new leading enterprise technologies in Windows or on the Web. 

    >Netron Fusion 
    Netron Fusion is a system development product that uses a component approach to software reuse with COBOL language. Everyone who is using Netron Fusion product can join the group. 

    >Profesionales COBOL 
    Este Grupo pretende reunir a profesionales de sistemas con conocimientos y experiencia en el lenguaje de programacion Cobol con el fin de estar conectados y comunicados ante cualquier tipo de necesidad. 

    >Profesionales Host Banca y Seguros 
    Grupo de encuentro de los profesionales del entorno HOST bancario y de seguros. Gente que habla principalmente de tecnolog�­as como COBOL,JCL,DB2,CICS,VSAM,MVS,Adabas/Natural,UNIX u ORACLE, pero que ya tambi�n utilizamos otras. Nos une nuestro inter�s en el mundo Funcional de la Banca y los Seguros. 

    RM/COBOL Users and Fans. 

    >Solving IT! 
    For over 16 years, Solving IT has consistently provided the most talented and motivated IT consultants and permanent employees to medium and large employers. Our consultants are available in Chicago, Dallas and across the US (Datawarehouse, Enterprise Architects, Java, .Net, DBAs, COBOL). 

    >United States - Mainframe Professionals (COBOL/CICS/DB2 Programmer) 
    United States - Mainframe Professionals (COBOL/CICS/DB2 Programmer) Market Trends, Interactive Discussions, Tips, Salary Guide, Emerging markets, Tools, Technologies, Attitude tune up - SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS, Know your market, Know your skills, Know how to sell yourself. 

    >WebXL Systems Inc. 
    .Net Developers Java/J2EE Developer C++ Developers Mainframe/Cobol Developers Business Analyst Project Managers Q.As Middleware(WebSphere/WebLogic) Administrator Network Engineer Sybase/Perl/CGI Developer Oracle Developer SQL Developer/DBA Graphic Designer/Web Designer. 

    >XGEN Developers 
    Seeking developers who have used the product XGEN; a COBOL-code generator that dramatically increases productivity by enabling a COBOL programmer to work jointly on projects with .NET programmers.


  • COBOL on Twitter

    100 cool things that you can do with OO COBOL. 


    IBM CICS and CICS Tools support news, updates, and information. 

    Amigos da Info desenvolvi um site voltado ao publico Mainframe caso queira divulgar segue. 






  • COBOL on YouTube

    >50 years of COBOL - Mark Conway, Micro Focus 
    Mark Conway from Micro Focus talks about how COBOL has evolved over 50 years and still as relevant as ever. 

    >Business value of CICS TS V4.1 
    This short YouTube video illustrates the main capabilities that CICS v4 delivers in business terms. 

    >CICS Events and WebSphere Business Events providing Insight in to Action 
    This short animation illustrates how CICS can be a prolific producer of business events. When combined with with a patterns and rules engine like WebSphere business events, these events can provide... 

    >CICS TS v4.1 High Level Technical Overview 
    Short YouTube video from Ian Mitchell illustrating the technical functionality that CICS TS v4 provides. 

    >Agile COBOL 2009 
    Watch the Cobolator present Agile COBOL 2009! Brought to you exclusively by MAKE Technologies Inc. 

    >COBOLATOR 1959 Birth of COBOL 
    September 18, 1959 began a project involving the creation of a universal programming language that could be used on any computer. The idea was that this new language would create business-oriented applications (or what today is known as management information). 

    >COBOL Bootcamp 
    Batch 5 COBOL Mainframe Bootcamp. 

    >COBOL Ware 
    animação da logomarca 

    >Hello World in Cobol With COBOL-WOW and RM/COBOL for Windows 
    Video showing how to build a Hello World COBOL program using WOW Extensions. 

    >History Of COBOL 
    NMSU ICT 460 Assignment #6: A Brief History of COBOL. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 1-1 
    Introduction to Microsoft(c) .NET. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 2-3 
    Visual Studio Solutions and Projects, Help System / Documentation, Integrated Dev Environment (IDE). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 4-2 
    Netcobol/Visual Studio Demonstration (part 1 of 3): Creating the consoleapplication1 project, setting options. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 4-4 
    Netcobol/Visual Studio Demonstration (part 3 of 3): Modifying Main.cob COBOL code, output window, Build in Debug mode, debugging, Build in Release... 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 5-1 
    Introduction to Windows Forms, Form Designer Preferences. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-1 
    Intro to Object-Oriented Programming, OO COBOL. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-8 
    OO COBOL Demonstration (part 3 of 4): Creating a driver program for the class library. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-9 
    OO COBOL Demonstration (part 4 of 4): instantiating instance methods. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-2 
    Traditional COBOL File I/O Demonstration (part 1 of 2). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-4 
    Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 1 of 4). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-5 
    Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 2 of 4). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-7 
    Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 4 of 4). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-8 
    .NET Streaming Data demonstration. 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-9 
    ADO.NET demonstration (part 1 of 2). 

    >.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-10 
    ADO.NET demonstration (part 2 of 2). 



  • COBOL portals

     including mainframe programming portals, where you will find information on the COBOL language and mainframe programming, are provided.

    >All Things COBOL
    Here are references to COBOL language personal and commercial websites.

    >American Programmer
    This website covers IBM mainframe, MVS, OS390, zOS, and AS/400 iSeries resources.

    A portal that includes iSeries (AS/400) COBOL Programming, System i - i5 - iSeries - AS400 - AS/400 Programming Tips, Software, Development, and Support. SQL, RPG, Books, Java, Atlanta...

    >AS/400 Machine-Level Programming
    An eBook: "AS/400 Machine-Level Programming".

    >Ask Felgall
    This website includes useful sources of information, references, tutorials, etc dealing with specific programming languages, including the COBOL language.

    >Cevela about COBOL: Cobol Language
    This site includes references to slected COBOL dialects and COBOL language resources.

    This is an Acucorp website that includes COBOL history, news, forums, events, jobs, books, downloads, and COBOL links.

    >COBOL Center
    This site is dedicated to the COBOL language and to those with an investment in COBOL.

    >COBOL Gold Mine
    The COBOL Gold Mine covers OO COBOL and contains references to other COBOL programming resources.

    >COBOL Portal
    The COBOL Portal is a Micro Focus website where you can find downloads, white papers, and information on COBOL technology.

    >COBOLware Services
    This is a Portuguese COBOL portal with references to a variety of COBOL language resources.

    This site contains references to COBOL programming resources for corporate IT, computers, and communications.

    This website contains AS400 resources.

    >Eric Loriaux Services' mainframers'
    Social network for System z (z/Os, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux, z/TPF) professionals.

    >Flint Hills Software
    Contains useful COBOL links.

    >GeorgeNet Oracle
    Here are Frequent Encountered Problems and Questions (FEPQ) with Oracle & Oracle Financial Applications, including useful links & documents for legacy interfaces / extracts / conversion.

    >IBM COBOL Café
    This is an online Café community to provide in-depth information to help you take advantage of IBM's COBOL technology. The COBOL Café is open to everyone with an interest in COBOL and COBOL related tools. Here you find blogs, forums, documents to assist you as you build and deploy your C and C++ applications on IBM systems (including IBM Power, IBM System z, IBM Blue Gene and Cell Broadband Engine). Also, explore the C/C++ language standards hub for resources on the C Standard and C++ Standard.

    >IBM Mainframe Portal
    This portal includes IBM mainframe forums, manuals, resources, programs, and free downloads.

    >Initiative COBOL - ein deutsches
    Nutzen Sie die kostenfreien Initiative COBOL Internet-Services. Neben der Initiative COBOL Homepage steht Ihnen der kostenlose COBOL News-Service zur Verfügung. In regelmäßigen Abständen versorgen wir Sie per e–Mail kurz und knapp mit allen wichtigen Informationen rund um COBOL & Co.

    This a comprehensive directory of IT websites.

    >James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
    This page includes links to information about the COBOL language.

    >Jay Moseley Programming Resources
    This portal provides references to mainframe resources, including IBM COBOL, Assembler, Micro Mainframe, MVS and OS/390 resources.

    >Liens du site classés par catégorie
    Here you will find an abundance of mainframe COBOL programming resources.

    This is a Brazil, mainframe portal that includes arquivos, blog, forum, and objetivo.

    >Mainframe Gurukul
    IBM mainframe discussion forum, tutorials, interview questions, job listings.

    Here is a directory of mainframe programming resources.

    >Mainframe Programming
    This is a mainframe programming portal with useful links to COBOL resources.

    > is free online ibmmainframe training site. It provides tutorials and tips on COBOL, CICS. JCL, DB2, REXX, CLIST, ISPF.

    A portal that contains mainframe computer systems information and resource center.

    This portal provides a large number of resources for users and developers of IBM's i5 / iSeries computers.

    This mainframe portal contains references to help boards, manuals, and job listings.

    >OpenCOBOL Italian Group
    l sito OpenCOBOL Italian Group è online. La decisione di creare un sito su Opencobol e' maturata con l'idea di offrire a quanti usano, provano o semplicemente sono interessati al compilatore, un luogo per lo scambio di opinioni.

    >Open Directory Project
    This is a listing of the Open Directory Project websites that contain references to the COBOL language.

    >OrbZone - CORBA Community
    The goal of this portal is to provide a place where CORBA users and those interested in the technology can obtain information and share knowledge with others.

    >OS/390, z/OS MVS, CICS, TCP/IP
    This website is dedicated to OS/390 and CICS.

    >Paul Robert Myers
    A website that contains references to computer programming languages and suppliers, including COBOL, Fortran, and RPG.

    >Robert P. Anderson's COBOL Info
    Here you will find references to COBOL programming resources.

    >Ross Finlayson Programming Links
    Here are some links to computer programming information.

    This site contains many COBOL programming references and links to shareware, freeware, and downloads.

    This site has references to various legacy programming languages such as assembly, COBOL, Fortran, and RPG.

    This is a Dutch website with references to the COBOL language and other programming languages.

    TechiWarehouse is a very simple yet informative site to say the least. The whole point of this website is to let programmers, network technicians, database designers, computer beginners, etc... of all kinds to come here, quickly look for what they want, and get the heck out. The purpose of the internet is to provide and share information, quickly and efficiently. So why keep the general population of the web away? Whether the visitor is a code, web, script, or designer programmer; network admin, user, part of a workgroup; and so on there is something here for all. Since people should stick to what they do best, we have sworn not to let down the IT/Web community.

    >Texas Rock
    Here is a website that covers mainframe, midrange, & micro computers, plus technical articles.

    This site contains links to VSE COBOL resources. >

    This site includes references to NIST COBOL Tests, NIST zcobol statistics, IBM COBOL, ANSI 2002 Std $40, ISO 2002 Std $45, and WG4 2009 Draft.


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