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mainframe tutorials, lecture notes, programming exercises and online COBOL tutorial references are provided.


>American Programmer, The
Here are references to COBOL programming manuals and COBOL tutorials.

>Canam Software Labs
How to create an XML handler from a COBOL data structure. This unique introductory tutorial not only provides easy-to-understand, step by step instructions on how to use the XML Thunder® development tool, but it allows you to practice what you learn by providing you with a downloadable trial version of XML Thunder� and of the actual COBOL source code for each tutorial.

>COBOL Computational Fields
This is a COBOL tutorial that describes several COBOL computational (binary) data types, including the common "packed" and "comp-3" fields, on various machine architectures.

>COBOL Comp-3 Packed Fields
This is a COBOL tutorial that describes how data is stored in COBOL Computational-3, comp-3 or packed data fields. The COBOL "Comp-3" Data Type (also called "Computational-3", "Packed Decimal", or "Packed"

>COBOL Occurs...Depending On
This is a COBOL tutorial that describes fields or tables that can occur a varying number of times. It discusses the COBOL "Occurs...Depending On" clause.

>COBOL Tutorials - YouTube
COBOL tutorial on arithmetic operators.

>Dokuwelt - ein deutsches COBOL Tutorials
Thema Programmierung / COBOL - Hier sind COBOL Tutorials, Dokumentationen, Bedienungsanleitungen, Anleitungen sowie Handbücher zu finden.

This link is to a COBOL tutorial.

Here is a list of COBOL verbs.

Here are references to free COBOL tutorials and resources.

>Free Programming Resources
These are free COBOL tutorials and how-tos for the COBOL programming language.

>Hamara Multan Pakistan
This website provides references to COBOL tutorials.

Here are free COBOL programming training, tutorials, help, and online courses in COBOL programming language and applications.

>Mainframes 360 - COBOL Tutorials
Here are COBOL Tutorials including IBM mainframe Tutorials, JCL Tutorials, VSAM Tutorials, DB2 Tutorials, CICS Tutorials, IMS/DB Tutorials and REXX.

>Mainframes 360 - Mainframe Tutorials
A collection of IBM mainframe tutorials.

>Mainframe Blog
A collection of COBOL and mainframe tutorials.

> - COBOL Programming Tutorials
This COBOL tutorial covers most important topics like PERFORM, CALL, STRING, UNSTRING, COMP, COMP-3, INSPECT, FILE,SEQUENTIAL FILE, INDEXED FILE etc..

> - Mainframe Programming Tutorials
Here are mainframe tutorials covering COBOL DB2 JCL CICS Tutorials.

>MainFrame Tutorials
Here are mainframe tutorials covering CICS, JCL, VSAM, and JES.

>MainFrame Programming Tutorials
This web site contains mainframe programming tutorials.

A list of various COBOL tutorials and other mainframe tutorials.

>Micro Focus - Mainframe Tutorials
This section contains mainframe tutorials for developing on a mainframe, including how to develop CICS, IMS, JCL and Open PL/I applications.

>Micro Focus - Object COBOL Tutorials
This object COBOL tutorial is a gentle introduction to Object COBOL programming.

>NetCOBOL Tutorials
Here are instructions on a number of common situations you might encounter using the NetCOBOL for .NET or NetCOBOL for Windows products formerly Fujitsu COBOL.

>Oracle - CSIMPAPP
CSIMPAPP is a basic sample ATMI application delivered with the Oracle Tuxedo system. While instructions are written for the Microfocus COBOL compiler, these may vary depending on your specific compiler.

>Oracle - STOCKAPP
Tutorials for developing BEA Tuxedo ATMI Applications. STOCKAPP is a sample ATMI stocks application that is provided with the BEA Tuxedo system software. The application performs the following stock brokering functions: validates and updates a customer's account information, and executes buy and sell orders for stocks and/or funds.

>Redefined Fields and Records
This is a COBOL tutorial that describes redefined fields and redefined records, what they are, and why they are used.

>Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd
COBOL tutorials that cover the basics of the COBOL programming language.

>Stefan's Kleiner COBOL-Workshop - ein deutsches COBOL Tutorial
Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle die, die Cobol lernen wollen oder müssen.

Here is a COBOL tutorial on COBOL basics, screen output, data declaration, keyboard input, assigning values to variables, arithmetic operations, and more.

>University of Limerick, Department of CSIS
Here are references to COBOL programming - tutorials, lectures, exercises, and examples.

This is a COBOL tutorial aimed at COBOL beginners.

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