COBOL portals

 including mainframe programming portals, where you will find information on the COBOL language and mainframe programming, are provided.

>All Things COBOL
Here are references to COBOL language personal and commercial websites.

>American Programmer
This website covers IBM mainframe, MVS, OS390, zOS, and AS/400 iSeries resources.

A portal that includes iSeries (AS/400) COBOL Programming, System i - i5 - iSeries - AS400 - AS/400 Programming Tips, Software, Development, and Support. SQL, RPG, Books, Java, Atlanta...

>AS/400 Machine-Level Programming
An eBook: "AS/400 Machine-Level Programming".

>Ask Felgall
This website includes useful sources of information, references, tutorials, etc dealing with specific programming languages, including the COBOL language.

>Cevela about COBOL: Cobol Language
This site includes references to slected COBOL dialects and COBOL language resources.

This is an Acucorp website that includes COBOL history, news, forums, events, jobs, books, downloads, and COBOL links.

>COBOL Center
This site is dedicated to the COBOL language and to those with an investment in COBOL.

>COBOL Gold Mine
The COBOL Gold Mine covers OO COBOL and contains references to other COBOL programming resources.

>COBOL Portal
The COBOL Portal is a Micro Focus website where you can find downloads, white papers, and information on COBOL technology.

>COBOLware Services
This is a Portuguese COBOL portal with references to a variety of COBOL language resources.

This site contains references to COBOL programming resources for corporate IT, computers, and communications.

This website contains AS400 resources.

>Eric Loriaux Services' mainframers'
Social network for System z (z/Os, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux, z/TPF) professionals.

>Flint Hills Software
Contains useful COBOL links.

>GeorgeNet Oracle
Here are Frequent Encountered Problems and Questions (FEPQ) with Oracle & Oracle Financial Applications, including useful links & documents for legacy interfaces / extracts / conversion.

This is an online Café community to provide in-depth information to help you take advantage of IBM's COBOL technology. The COBOL Café is open to everyone with an interest in COBOL and COBOL related tools. Here you find blogs, forums, documents to assist you as you build and deploy your C and C++ applications on IBM systems (including IBM Power, IBM System z, IBM Blue Gene and Cell Broadband Engine). Also, explore the C/C++ language standards hub for resources on the C Standard and C++ Standard.

>IBM Mainframe Portal
This portal includes IBM mainframe forums, manuals, resources, programs, and free downloads.

>Initiative COBOL - ein deutsches
Nutzen Sie die kostenfreien Initiative COBOL Internet-Services. Neben der Initiative COBOL Homepage steht Ihnen der kostenlose COBOL News-Service zur Verfügung. In regelmäßigen Abständen versorgen wir Sie per e–Mail kurz und knapp mit allen wichtigen Informationen rund um COBOL & Co.

This a comprehensive directory of IT websites.

>James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
This page includes links to information about the COBOL language.

>Jay Moseley Programming Resources
This portal provides references to mainframe resources, including IBM COBOL, Assembler, Micro Mainframe, MVS and OS/390 resources.

>Liens du site classés par catégorie
Here you will find an abundance of mainframe COBOL programming resources.

This is a Brazil, mainframe portal that includes arquivos, blog, forum, and objetivo.

>Mainframe Gurukul
IBM mainframe discussion forum, tutorials, interview questions, job listings.

Here is a directory of mainframe programming resources.

>Mainframe Programming
This is a mainframe programming portal with useful links to COBOL resources.

> is free online ibmmainframe training site. It provides tutorials and tips on COBOL, CICS. JCL, DB2, REXX, CLIST, ISPF.

A portal that contains mainframe computer systems information and resource center.

This portal provides a large number of resources for users and developers of IBM's i5 / iSeries computers.

This mainframe portal contains references to help boards, manuals, and job listings.

>OpenCOBOL Italian Group
l sito OpenCOBOL Italian Group è online. La decisione di creare un sito su Opencobol e' maturata con l'idea di offrire a quanti usano, provano o semplicemente sono interessati al compilatore, un luogo per lo scambio di opinioni.

>Open Directory Project
This is a listing of the Open Directory Project websites that contain references to the COBOL language.

>OrbZone - CORBA Community
The goal of this portal is to provide a place where CORBA users and those interested in the technology can obtain information and share knowledge with others.

This website is dedicated to OS/390 and CICS.

>Paul Robert Myers
A website that contains references to computer programming languages and suppliers, including COBOL, Fortran, and RPG.

>Robert P. Anderson's COBOL Info
Here you will find references to COBOL programming resources.

>Ross Finlayson Programming Links
Here are some links to computer programming information.

This site contains many COBOL programming references and links to shareware, freeware, and downloads.

This site has references to various legacy programming languages such as assembly, COBOL, Fortran, and RPG.

This is a Dutch website with references to the COBOL language and other programming languages.

TechiWarehouse is a very simple yet informative site to say the least. The whole point of this website is to let programmers, network technicians, database designers, computer beginners, etc... of all kinds to come here, quickly look for what they want, and get the heck out. The purpose of the internet is to provide and share information, quickly and efficiently. So why keep the general population of the web away? Whether the visitor is a code, web, script, or designer programmer; network admin, user, part of a workgroup; and so on there is something here for all. Since people should stick to what they do best, we have sworn not to let down the IT/Web community.

>Texas Rock
Here is a website that covers mainframe, midrange, & micro computers, plus technical articles.

This site contains links to VSE COBOL resources. >

This site includes references to NIST COBOL Tests, NIST zcobol statistics, IBM COBOL, ANSI 2002 Std $40, ISO 2002 Std $45, and WG4 2009 Draft.


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