COBOL Books - General

>A Guide to Structured Cobol With Efficiency Techniques and Special Algorithms
Pacifico A. Lim, June 1980

>Advanced application programming using COBOL
Kenneth D Douglas, 1994

>Advanced Structured Cobol: Programme Design and File Processing
Gary B. Shelly; Thomas J. Cashman, December 1984

>COBOL by Command
Bernard Liengme, January 15, 1996

>COBOL for Dummies
Arthur Griffith, October 30, 1997

>COBOL for Dummies Quick Reference
John W. Fronckowiak, December 18, 1997

>COBOL for Students, Fourth Edition
Andrew Parkin; Richard Yorke, December 15, 1995

>COBOL for the 21st Century
Nancy Stern; Robert A. Stern; James P. Ley, August 5, 2005

>COBOL for the 80's
J. Wayne Spence, May 1982

>COBOL: From Micro to Mainframe (3rd Edition)
Robert T. Grauer; Carol Vasquez Villar; Arthur R. Buss, April 4, 1998

>COBOL logic and programming: A structured approach
Fritz A. McCameron, 1981

>COBOL: Optimised and Maintainable Application Programming
Andrew Chapman, April 27, 2007

>COBOL Programming
WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy) - COBOL Apps for Android

>COBOL Programming: A Structured Approach
Peter Abel, October 1988

>COBOL Programming Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations - Kindle Edition
Emilee Newman Bowles, July 22, 2010

>COBOL Programming Interview Questions: COBOL Job Interview Review Guide
Terry Sanchez-Clark, December 10, 2006

>COBOL Programming Problems and Solutions
M Roy, June 1987

>COBOL: Structured Programming Techniques for Solving Problems
George C. Fowler, August 1995

>COBOL Unleashed
Jon Wessler, September 1998

>COBOL 85 for Programmers
Donald F. Nelson, January 15, 1988

>Cobol 85 Programming (Computer Science)
Roger Hutty, July 4, 1990

>Comprehensive application programming using COBOL
Kenneth D. Douglas, 1994

>Comprehensive COBOL
Andrew S. Philippakis; Leonard J. Kazmier; Andreas S. Philippakis, January 1991

>Comprehensive Structured COBOL (PWS-Kent series in computer science)
Gary S. Popkin, January 6, 1993

>Contemporary COBOL
George W. Woolley, 1970

>Introduction to COBOL: A Guide to Modular Structured Programming
David M. Collopy, September 28, 1999

>Introduction to Computer Programming Structured COBOL
Gary B. Shelly; Thomas J. Cashman

>Learning to Program in Structured COBOL/Parts 1 & 2
Edward Yourdon, June 1979

>Learning to Program in Structured COBOL, Part 2
Timothy R. Lister; Edward Yourdon, June 1978

>Mastering COBOL with CDROM
Carol Baroudi, February 2, 1999

>Methodical Programming in Cobol-85
Ray Welland; Jim Haigh, January 1994

>Moving from COBOL to C
Mo Budlong, May 1993

>Murach's Mainframe COBOL
Mike Murach, August 2, 2004

>Murach's Structured COBOL
Mike Murach; Anne Prince; Raul Menendez, September 2000

>OS Debugging for the COBOL Programmer
Wayne Clary, June 1981

>Programming In COBOL / 400
James Cooper; Nancy B. Stern; Robert A. Stern, November 1, 2001

>Programming Standards and Guidelines: Cobol Edition
Barry K. Nirmal, January 1987

>Revolutionary Guide to COBOL With Compiler
Yevesi Handel; Boris Degtyar; Dmitry Bronnikov, January 1994

>Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days (3rd Edition)
Mo Budlong, October 22, 1999

>Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 Hours - Kindle Edition
Thane Hubbell, November 28, 1998

>Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 Hours
Thane Hubbell, December 8, 1998

>Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Programming With Modern Structured Cobol
Lawrence R. Newcomer, August 1994

>Simplified COBOL
Willie J. Wilborn, September 15, 2000

>Structured COBOL
Gerard A. Paquette, June 1994

>Structured COBOL : A Direct Approach
Rina Yarmish; Gerald Wohl, December 10, 1992

>Structured COBOL for Technical Students
Dwight Watt, July 30, 1997

>Structured COBOL: Fundamentals and Style
Tyler Welburn; Wilson Price, July 1999

>Structured COBOL Programming
Robert T. Grauer, March 8, 1985

>Structured COBOL Programming: For the Year 2000 and Beyond, 9th Edition
Nancy B. Stern; Robert A. Stern, August 1999

>Structured COBOL Programming, Second Edition
Gary B. Shelly; Thomas J. Cashman; Roy O. Foreman, November 18, 1999

>Structured COBOL Programming: WITH Microfocus Netexpress 4.0
Nancy B. Stern; Robert A. Stern; Connie Daniel,September 14, 2005

>Structured Programming in Cobol
Robert Boettcher, April 1987

>Structured Programming with COBOL Examples
Earl Parsons, November 15, 2002

>The Power of COBOL - Kindle Edition
Rui Bivar de Oliveira; Michelle Coetzee, May 6, 2012

>The Power of COBOL: for Systems Developers of the 21st Century
Rui Bivar de Oliveira; Michelle Coetzee, October 12, 2006

>The Structured Coboler's Guide
Thayne A. Shank, June 1984

>Understanding COBOL
Richard Peddicord, 1981

>Understanding Structured COBOL
Mona Boillot; Michel Boillot, January 1986

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