The glass door can be a special door in our own life. It is a compelling door. The glass utilized in the current glass door is especially divided into tempered tumbler and ordinary float cup, and generally has a thickness of 12 mm (mm). Manufactured from glass, it is strong with tempered glass. So it is safe. And now the glass doors are constructed with clear glass, and it's very good lighting performance. Then, Xiaobian will quickly go over the knowledge of the glass door, and I hope that will probably be very helpful to everybody.

Glass door installation process

1. Positioning of the particular pay-off: The double glass door joined with the fixed glass and also the movable glass door leaf is actually uniformly positioned for setting.

2. Limiting groove with the top of the increasing frame: The width from the limiting slot should be higher than 2-4mm for the goblet thickness and 10-20mm for that groove depth. When installing, firstly pull out the 2 metal decorative board edges in the drawn line, and then press the side line to install the limit slot for the top of the entrance frame.

3. Install the wooden bottom of the metal veneer: first fix the square wood to the ground, then stick the metal veneer towards the wood with the common glue. The square wood may be directly nailed to your pre-embedded wooden brick, or throughout the expansion bolt. The way of connection is fixed.

SEVERAL. Install the vertical door frame: connect the center line of the bullet to your door frame, then utilize the plywood to determine the form and position of the actual door frame column, and lastly wrap the metal decorating surface.

5. Install the particular glass: use a a glass suction cup machine that will  the thick magnifying glaas, then hold the suction pot to lift the solid glass plate by 2-3 individuals and move it towards the installation position.

6. Predetermined glass: Two small square wooden strips around the bottom and side belonging to the wooden block are placed at the center door, the square wood strip is going 4mm away from the glass plate surface, after which you can the universal glue is painted around the square wooden strip. The facing metal is stuck on the square strip.

7. Injection glass seal: In the gap between the top limit groove and the underside bracket, and the gap in between the thick glass and the frame column, the magnifying glaas seal is injected.

EIGHT. Docking between glass: When the fixed a part of the glass door is required to be spliced by the oversize, the seam should have a width of 2-3mm, along with the edge of the glass need to be chamfered.

9. Installation associated with moving glass door leaf: Prior to the door leaf is established, the grounding spring along with the positioning pin on the very best surface of the door frame ought to be positioned and installed. Each must be coaxial. Check the vertical collection during installation to ensure the biggest market of the ground spring shaft and the positioning pin. The lines are to the same line.

10. Deploy the glass door leaf upper and lower door clamps: Install top of the and lower metal door clips about the upper and lower ends with the glass door and measure the height of the door.

Today's glass doors are very common in our world, and there are many different types of glass doors, for instance decorative glass doors, health and safety glass doors, energy-saving tumbler doors, coated glass panels, induction glass doors, et cetera. But no matter which form of glass door has good noise reduction performance, windproof overall performance, dustproof performance and etc. Therefore, it is popular in many industries, such as hotels, hotels, banks, workplace buildings, hospitals, shops, for example.,and the most very popularly used is the pedal-sensing cup door.