Oh, I also attempted training on Maplestory Mesos Mutant Golems for while, with a party, but the encounter gains there weren't all that amazing, nowhere near as great as the junkyard. I've also heard some people talk about maps in Kritias, but I feel these dinosaurs give much less expertise than mutant golems.

1 other thing to notice, I just made about 14 mill maplestory mesos on average (like sellable drops) every 30 minutes, so in a four hour 2x session that would just be approximately 56 million maplestory mesos, which nearly HALF what I could normally get from selling drops to myself at the drill halls... but then again the arm drops are kinda messed up right now and I was not using a spider so that might be why.

When I was contacted by Nexon a couple of decades before, I didn't know what to consider it. It was an wonderful chance to work on video games, something I always wanted to do because I was a child - and who could really pass that up? It was not long before I was hired on in the buy Maplestory 2 Mesos ranks of consumer Support, leading efforts for Atlantica Online and MapleStory for roughly a year prior to being swept up by the Community group - something that has defined a huge leadership in my entire life.

I cannot believe how much I have grown as both a individual and a professional by being a part of this Nexon Community. Being around co-workers who have both challenged my thinking, and pushed my skills has defined that I am, and I am beyond grateful for their souls. We've had a great deal of exciting changes during the last few decades, and now, with Reboot, I hope all of you are able to discover new friends and place at which you could challenge yourself.