And I haven't seen people talking about it much... and that's why I think reboot is so active right now. I think a lot of individuals are just in reboot poking along at Maplestory Mesos sub 200 levels and trying to not think about how badly Nexon hosed them or desperately wishing it is all just a terrible dream that is gont move away.

At this point the only real workable training spot that matches the old Drill Halls is your previous level 230 map before Lotus. I trained there solo for approximately 40 minutes at 4x (plus pendant at 2 hours)... I gained 2% (at level 224). Only downside is that my head is killin me from having to jump around constantly.

Unfortunately there aren't very many individuals whose degree or range is large enough to actually one-shot the dinosaurs in that map nor are they robust enough to endure. Even my level 224 must rely on using a Castle Golem or I have to use actual potions (actively, not only thickly with pets).

I'm really hoping that once the shock wears off buy Maplestory 2 Mesos and people come to terms with the nerf that they'll begin exploring the junkyard and come join the fun so people few like me don't need to break our thumbs skittering about the map. Obviously classes without Cygnus leaping or decent teleport are clearly at a significant disadvantage.

Oh, I attempted training on Mutant Golems for while, with a party, but the experience gains there weren't all that incredible, nowhere near as great as the junkyard. I have also heard some people today talk about maps in Kritias, but I believe these dinosaurs give much less expertise than mutant golems.