COBOL move

Examples of COBOL move syntax and command.

>COBOL Tutorial, University of Limerick, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS)
The COBOL MOVE verb is described in a COBOL tutorial. It demonstrates how assignment is achieved in COBOL.

>Course Notes, Ohio State University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Faculty
The COBOL MOVE statement is used to place a value in a field. The COBOL MOVE is kind of like an assignment statement in other languages though it does not allow for computations. Even though the statement is a MOVE, it is more like a copy. The data is still in its original place as well as the receiving field.

>HP COBOL II/XL Reference Manual
The COBOL MOVE statement transfers data to one or more data areas in accordance with the rules of COBOL editing.

>IBM COBOL/400, iSeries Language Help Manual
The COBOL MOVE, a Procedure Division statement, transfers data from one area of storage to one or more other areas of storage. It has two formats: MOVE and MOVE with CORRESPONDING.

>IBM Debug Tool for z/OS, Reference and Messages
The COBOL MOVE command transfers data from one area of storage to another. Examples of MOVE in COBOL are provided.

>Lecture Notes, Saint Xavier University, Faculty
The COBOL MOVE verb is presented in a COBOL example program.


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