COBOL comp

Describes COBOL comp (computational), comp-1 (computational-1), comp-2 (computational-2), comp-3 (computational-3), comp-4 (computational-4), comp-5 (computational-5), comp-6 (computational-6), comp-X (computational-X), and display COBOL data types.

>About COBOL Comp-4, Comp-5, Comp-6
A forum discussion on COMP-4, COMP-5, and COMP-6 data types in COBOL.

>Basic Program to Read COBOL COMP-3 Numbers
A program that reads a data file created by Microsoft COBOL containing binary-coded-decimal (COMP-3) numbers. This is accomplished by reading in the file one byte at a time, interpreting those bytes according to the binary-coded-decimal (BCD) format.

>C and COBOL Data Types
Lists the C data types for which equivalent COBOL data types (COMP-1, COMP-2,COMP-3, COMP-5) are available.

>COBOL Binary or COMP Format
Provides an overview of COBOL binary (or COMP) fields as they are implemented on an IBM Mainframe or a Micro Focus Wintel or Unix environment.

>COBOL Comp-3, also called Computational-3, Packed Decimal, or Packed
Discusses how data is stored in COBOL COMP-3 data type, or computational-3 packed fields.

>COBOL Computational Fields
A discussion of COBOL Computational fields, including the common packed and COBOL COMP-3 data types.

>COBOL Data Types
It provides a discussion on writing efficient programs using COBOL COMP-5, COMP-X, COMP, COMP-3, and DISPLAY data types.

>COBOL Data Types
This is a list of COBOL data types.

>COBOL Data Types
It describes COBOL data types allowed in COBOL programs.

>COBOL Data Types
The purpose of this document is to familiarize the reader with the conversion of COBOL data types.

>COBOL Data Types to Java Mapping
It outlines the mapping between Java and certain COBOL data types (COMP, COMP-1, COMP-2, COMP-3, COMP-5, BINARY, DISPLAY).

>COBOL Mainframe Data (Field) Types
This is an overview of the COBOL data types commonly found in mainframe files.

>COBOL Numeric Formats
Describes COBOL numeric formats DISPLAY, COMP-3, COMP, and COMP SYNC data types.

>COBOL Packed-Decimal Format
A discussion on numeric field (or data string) known as COBOL COMP-3, PACKED-DECIMAL format.

>Comp, Comp-1, Comp-2 & Comp-3 in COBOL
A forum discussion about COMP, COMP-1, COMP-2 and COMP-3 data types in COBOL.

>Conversion of COBOL Data Types
Provides examples on how RM/COBOL system represents COBOL COMP / COMPUTATIONAL, COBOL COMP-3 / COMPUTATIONAL-3, COBOL COMP-6 / COMPUTATIONAL-6, and DISPLAY COBOL data types.

>Determining Equivalent SQL and COBOL Data Types
Provides a table which can be used to determine the COBOL data types (COMP, COMP-1, COMP-2, COMP-3, COMP-4, BINARY) that is equivalent to a given SQL data type.

>Defining Data in COBOL Programs
Provides a description on how to define COBOL data and the COBOL data sections where data is defined.

>Edited COBOL Numeric Format
Shows the conversion of Zoned-Decimal (USAGE IS DISPLAY), Binary (USAGE IS COMP) and Packed-Decimal (USAGE IS COMP-3) fields with various values to a human readable field for printing or displaying. Provides a discussion on an edited numeric format (or using an edit mask) that is typically used by COBOL programmers that maintain or support Mainframe applications.

>Using COBOL Comp Data Types for Speed
A discussion on using COBOL COMP for speed, along with the precision of COMP (BINARY, COMP-5, COMP-X), COMP-1, COMP-2, COMP-3 (PACKED-DECIMAL), and DISPLAY data types.


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