is a table and data structure in COBOL.

>Arrays in COBOLArrays in COBOL - Handling Tables
A COBOL ARRAY is not as natural to COBOL as it is in most other languages.

>Arrays in COBOL - Host Variable
A COBOL ARRAY is a Table. A Table is the equivalent of an ARRAY in COBOL.

>COBOL Arrays and Nested Arrays
Specify numeric, character, graphic, LOB, XML, and ROWID host variable ARRAYs in COBOL.

>COBOL Arrays - Using Tables in COBOL, Array and Nested Arrays
Illustrates COBOL ARRAY and nested ARRAYS in COBOL.

>COBOL Arrays - Creating Tables in COBOL, Syntax and Semantics
In most programming languages the term COBOL ARRAY is used to describe repeated, or multiple occurrence, data-items. COBOL uses the term - Table.

>A COBOL array is a table and data structure in COBOL.
COBOL ARRAYs are Table. Examines the syntax and semantics of table declaration. Demonstrate how to create single and multi-dimension Tables, how to create variable length Tables and how to set up a Table pre-filled with data.

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