COBOL Forums - Vendor

 >Computer Associates
This is a list of COBOL programming related discussion forums where you can receive COBOL help with CA COBOL software products. 

>IRI, The CoSort Company
This is a technical and functional discussion group for CoSort Data Warehousing ETL solutions. 

>Eclipse Corner Newsgroups
Eclipse community forums with a discussion for the COBOL IDE project.

Here are references to a COBOL forum and mailing lists where you can receive COBOL help with GNU - COBOL For GCC. 

Use this forum to network with the IBM developers, business partners and each other - learning and sharing experiences, hints and tips with peers and colleagues about IBM COBOL products. 

>Micro Focus COBOL Forum
This a channel for communication among customers, users, and developers of Micro Focus COBOL software products. 

>RPV Printing System
This is a RPV support group. 

This is a discussion group where you can get COBOL help with the technical and functional use of SyncSort software. 

>Tiny COBOL Forum
This is a forum for the users of Tiny COBOL.


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