Technical Support

>Allen Systems Group (ASG)
ASG offers several different avenues to access support information online.

>CA Technologies
Technical support for CA Technologies mainframe environment products is available.

>Canam Software Labs
Online technical support provides access to downloads, product knowledge base, FAQs and contact information.

COBOL-IT technical support offers support for development, production, consulting and monitoring service, training and contact information.

>Delta Software Technology
Technical support services are provided under the terms of a maintenance contract that provides access to a range of support services and any necessary patches for reproducible problems.

>Envyr - ICOBOL
Envyr provides pre-sales, post-sales and ongoing technical support for ICOBOL.

In order to receive product technical support for any of the Flexus products, you must have a valid software license and must be currently under maintenance. Flexus offers a discussion forum accessible to all COBOL programmers whether or not you are a customer of Flexus products.

>Fresche Solutions
"Ask an Expert" is a free service offered by Fresche Legacy, a leading mainframe modernization solution provider.

Contact technical support for any of HP's products.

>IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
IBM's technical support resource for all IBM products & services : Fixes & downloads, documentation, report & track problems, news, alerts, training, tools & communities : Enterprise COBOL for z/OS.

>IRI, The CoSort Company
Technical support is free during evaluation, and for the first year after product licensing.

>MarshallSoft Computing
Technical support includes answering questions about library functions, providing examples of calling library functions, help in running the example programs, and answering questions about how the library can be used.

>Micro Focus
Micro Focus supportLine customers can download COBOL related programs, updates, upgrades, etc.

>NetCOBOL Fujitsu
The technical support portal provides access to contact information, help, COBOL downloads, documentation, and other support features.

Norcom provides technical support for all of its software products, including GUI ScreenIO.

>Ordina Denkart
Ordina Denkart offers technical product support to all customers. Technical support includes help during product installation and operation, including ViaNova UNISYS which migrates 1100/2200 COBOL mainframe applications to Open Systems with a relational database.

>Redvers Consulting
Contact technical support for help with COBOL XML Interface.

>Relational Language & Database Technology (RLDT SA)
Contact technical support for help with COBOL Access Plus.

Contact ScreenJet product support for download of VPlus to ACUCOBOL Migration Demo Video file.

>Siber Systems
Data Viewer and Cobol Tools technical support offered by Siber Systems.

>Software Engineering of America
Contact technical support for help with Software Engineering Of America mainframe software.

>Software Mining
Contact SoftwareMining technical support for help with COBOL To Java and COBOL To C# Converters.

Syncsort technical support is ready and available to provide customer support, all over the world.

>The Source Recovery Company
Contact technical support for help to recover COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSE executable programs.

TransforMix provides help desk support for entire heterogeneous networks, including systems and applications support.

>Transoft Limited
Transoft's technical support provides product knowledgebase, contact support, developer's blog and LinkedIn Group.

>Visible Systems
Visible Products Technical Support is available to customers who have purchased a Maintenance Plus. Limited Technical Support is also available to prospective users who have downloaded a demonstration or trial version of any of our products.


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