Mainframe and iSeries (AS400) computer timesharing

outsourcing companies where you can rent computer time on a maniframe or iSeries (AS400) to develop or support your COBOL applications.


>Access Mainframe
Access Mainframe offers complete mainframe outsourcing solutions. Access Mainframe supports all mainframe operating systems including VM, Z/VM, VSE, OS/390 and Z/OS.

>Acxiom Corporation
Acxiom offers fully managed and remotely managed mainframe hosting services that are cost effective and solve the retiring mainframe workforce challenge.

Alicomp offers a remote computing service that allows mainframe timesharing or mainframe outsourcing to support COBOL applications. Mainframe operating systems supported are VSE, VM, MVS, z/VSE, z/VM, z/OS. Supports COBOL, CICS, DB2/SQL.

>Blue Hill Data Services
Blue Hill is a leading Tier 2 Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) infrastructure services provider delivering full-service Data Center Hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Blue Hill specializes in Mainframe, Open Systems, and AS/400 iSeries/Mid-Range Managed Hosting services, as well as Dedicated High-Availability Disaster Recovery solutions.

>Computer Education Techniques
Computer Education Techniques has its own mainframe OS/390 and z/OS operating systems equipped with the full complement of IBM systems and applications software: COBOL, JCL, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, CICS, DB2, IMS, etc. Computer Education Techniques, Inc. has put into place the infrastructure for a computer time-sharing cooperative. For organizations and individuals who require short intense periods of mainframe access, computer time can be made available through the SYS-ED/New York office.

>Data Distributors
Data Distributors offers mainframe outsourcing and timesharing services. Data Distributors supported mainframe operating systems are z/OS, z/VM, and VSE. Supports VS/COBOL, COBOL II and COBOL FOR VSE.

>Data Dallas Corporation
Data Dallas Corporation provides mainframe outsourcing services to mainframe users on an IBM z800 in an Z/os operating environment that supports a wide variety of the industry's most popular software products, including IBM Enterprise COBOL. Customers can communicate with our mainframe via either TCPIP or SNA through an extensive telecommunications system that supports baud rates from 4.8KB to 100MB utilizing dedicated or dial-up services as a single application or as a Remote Job Entry (RJE) station.

>First National Technology Solutions
First National Technology Solutions offers mainframe businesses managed services. In addition to the mainframe management and outsourcing solutions, First National Technology Solutions also offers a disaster recovery solution for mainframe environments.

>Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
HP Managed Mainframe Services provide mainframe hosting, storage and disaster recovery services for IBM z/Series mainframes as well as custom services for TPF, VM, VSE, and z/Linux platforms. The global Managed Mainframe services are flexibly designed to meet your mainframe management needs on-site, remotely, or from one of our leveraged facilities.

>IBM Mainframe Access
IBM Mainframe Access provides a virtual service bureau that offers IBM mainframe computer time to rent using the Internet. IBM Mainframe Access supports Z/OS, COBOL, PL/1, ASSEMBLER, C/370, C++, Java Compilers available, and more.

>Infocrossing - Mainframe Outsourcing, A Wipro Company
Wipro Infocrossing provides managed mainframe services. Wipro Infocrossing supports zOS, OS/390, MVS, zVM, VM, VSE and Linux operating systems. Wipro Infocrossing provides access to other system software, including, COBOL, CICS,DB2, IMS and MQ series.

>Infocrossing - AS/400 and iSeries Outsourcing, A Wipro Company
Outsourcing your AS400 or iSeries to Wipro Infocrossing lets you concentrate on what matters most: your business. You�ll be able to manage your applications�while dedicating your resources to operating, administering, and maintaining your infrastructure. We handle it all for you with your system hosted in one of our world-class data centers, or managed remotely.

>Information Technology Services (ITS), State of North Carolina
Information Technology Services (ITS), State of North Carolina provides managed mainframe hosting solutions for mission-critical z/OS and z/Linux applications for state and local governments, municipalities, and school systems.

>Internet TimeShare Resources
Internet TimeShare Resources (ITSR) provides IBM mainframe computer time to rent using the Internet. Internet TimeShare Resources supports IBM operating systems (Zos, VSE/ESA) as well as DB2, C++, COBOL, PL/I, etc. Internet TimeShare Resources is a virtual service bureau.

>Maintec Technologies
Maintec Technologies provides outsourced mainframe services. Maintec Technologies supports various operating systems, including, Z/OS, OS/390, MVS, Z/VM, VM, VSE and Linux and provides access to other subsystems software, including COBOL, CICS, DB2, IMS and MQ series.

MFX is a premier supplier of IT outsourcing. MFX offers SecureSource - Mainframe Outsourcing. MFX supports operating systems including zOS, OS/390, VM, VSE, Linux and system software including COBOL, CICS, DB2, MQ series, IMS.

Mid-Range offers managed services, hosting, outsourcing facilities management solutions. Mid-Range provides rental time on an i5/iSeries, p5/pSeries, xSeries.

TimeShare400 provides affordable time sharing over the internet on a current model AS/400 (aka eServer iSeries; iSeries; System i; and, just plain "IBM i" for development, educational institutions, additional short term capacity increases and outsourcing. TimeShare400 provides access to RPG, Cobol, C, Java, HTTP Server, SQL, Query and more.

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