COBOL Java White Papers

Automatic Migration from COBOL to Maintainable Java
Four millions lines of COBOL were automatically trans-coded toward their Java equivalent. 

Building a mixed COBOL/Java application that starts with COBOL
An application that runs in an IMS Java dependent region must start with the main method of a class. A COBOL class definition with a main factory method meets this requirement; therefore, you can use it as the first routine of a mixed COBOL and Java IMS application. 

COBOL and Java Data Types
It shows the COBOL data type that corresponds to each Java primitive type. 

Cretaceous COBOL Can Spawn Jurassic Java
Various tools have been developed to convert COBOL into Java. There are even COBOL compilers that emit Java code. The problem with that is that if you input Cretaceous COBOL you will get Jurassic Java. 

Java is the COBOL of the 21st Century
Huge numbers of very large business systems are written in Java. Do you know how many systems that touch your life still run on COBOL? 

Using Java and COBOL Together
It introduces the different ways that Java and COBOL applications can call each other.







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