COBOL General White Papers

>Beware of SQL (Structured Query Language)
To those who are looking for SQL (Structured Query Language) to solve their COBOL maintenance problem, I'm sorry to say, "you are heading 180 degrees in the wrong direction." 

>COBOL Changes: The Big Picture
A COBOL white paper that describes the COBOL compiler versions and major new features in the COBOL language. 

>COBOL Costly Judgement Errors
The first judgement error, from which all other errors stemmed, was for our Software Industry to reject the committee's vision and intent by having COBOL programmers destroying the readability/understandability of the coding by flooding the their coding with abbreviations. 

>Don't Give Up On COBOL!
Don't give up on COBOL before you at least try writing one computer software program as intended and envisioned by the prestigious COBOL committee. 

>Enterprise COBOL: A Tool for Growth
COBOL Changes - Big Picture. 

>Enterprise COBOL: Very Short Presentations
A set of short (6-15 pages) presentations for beginners in Enterprise COBOL and another set for experienced IBM COBOL programmers who want to get a quick update on the changes 

>Hopefully Not Another Thirty Years
For over thirty years, data processing management has supported a debilitating and counter productive approach to programming productivity in general and programming maintenance in particular. 

Ludicrous is the best description of our Software Industries handling of Programming Productivity since COBOL came on the scene 50 years ago. 

>The Future of the Mainframe
Technology writer Stewart Alsop predicted in 1991 that the last mainframe would be unplugged in 1996. The prediction did not come true and the mainframe powered into the 21 century. 

>Wake Up and Smell the Roses
This COBOL article is about how COBOL programs written have not followed what the committee that created COBOL envisioned. 

>What Does The Future Hold For COBOL
For COBOL to have the tremendous future it's capable of, we must "Go back to the future."




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