Examples of COBOL pic / picture clause, COBOL numeric and COBOL usage clause.

>COBOL Numeric Data Types
It explains the COBOL numeric data types. It also explains why the COBOL standard leaves the actual implementation of most COBOL data types up to the vendor who writes the COBOL compiler.

>COBOL Numeric Edits
This is an example of how COBOL can test that a data field contains a valid COBOL numeric value. It also illustrates how to redefine a COBOL numeric field and then scan the field from left to right testing for a digit in each position.

>COBOL Numeric Fields
This is a self study course that describes the common COBOL numeric encoding data formats used by COBOL on an IBM Mainframe or the Micro Focus environment running on Windows or UNIX .

>COBOL Numeric Fields
It describes several COBOL numeric data types and the handling of signs and decimal points, including the COBOL USAGE IS Clause.

>COBOL Numeric Formats
This COBOL program provides examples of some of the various COBOL numeric formats used by the COBOL Programming Language.

>COBOL Numeric Formats
It describes the COBOL numeric format specified by using the COBOL USAGE IS clause.

>COBOL Picture Clause
It provides the language reference for the COBOL PICTURE / PIC clause. The COBOL PICTURE / PIC clause describes the general characteristics and editing requirements of an elementary item.

>COBOL Picture (Pic) Clause
COBOL data types and how the COBOL PIC clause is used are discussed.

>COBOL Picture Clause, Data Field Definitions
The COBOL data field definitions using the COBOL PICTURE Clause, abbreviated COBOL PIC, is discussed. The symbols that can be placed within the COBOL PICTURE clause is discussed too.

>COBOL USAGE clause Tutorial
Unfortunately, the default representation used by COBOL for numeric data items can negatively impact the speed of computations. A more efficient format for COBOL numeric data can be specified by using the COBOL USAGE clause.

>Converting Alphanumeric Field to COBOL Numeric
This is a COBOL forum discussion on how to convert alphanumeric field to COBOL numeric.

>Declaring Data-Items With COBOL Picture Clause
It addresses declaring data-items in COBOL. It shows how variables are declared using the COBOL PICTURE / PIC clause.

>General ILE COBOL View of Numbers (Picture Clause)
This is a general ILE COBOL view of numbers (COBOL PIC / PICTURE Clause).

>Handling COBOL Numeric Data in HP COBOL
COBOL numeric data in HP COBOL is evaluated.

>How the COBOL Pic and USAGE Affect Storage
The COBOL PICTURE clause is discussed. It describes how the COBOL PIC affect storage. The number of bits, bytes, or words that are stored for any given field usually depends on the number of digits given in the COBOL PIC.

>Symbols used in the COBOL Picture clause
Describes the symbols used in the COBOL PICTURE clause in Enterprise COBOL for z/OS


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