statement syntax and examples, including phrases IF-ELSE and End IF in COBOL.

>COBOL IF and End IF
An example and tutorial of using COBOL IF and End IF in COBOL.

>COBOL IF, ELSE and END-IF Constructs
It discusses conditional processing. It shows the COBOL IF, ELSE and END-IF constructs.

A problem arising very often is the mess created by nested COBOL IF's. Forgetting 1 ELSE or END-IF has cost many man-years.

>COBOL IF Statement
Here are a few valid COBOL IF statements.

>IF Statement - Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
The COBOL IF statement lets you conditionally perform a command. You can optionally specify an ELSE clause on the COBOL IF statement. If the test expression evaluates to false and an ELSE clause exists, the command associated with the ELSE clause is performed.

>IF Statement in COBOL - IBM AIX
The IF in COBOL statement evaluates a condition and provides for alternative actions in the object program, depending on the evaluation.

>IF Statement in COBOL - Micro Focus
The IF in COBOL statement causes a condition to be evaluated.

Illustrates the COBOL IF THEN ELSE END-IF statement.


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