>COBOL FILLER, Rational Programming Patterns for System z
COBOL FILLER definition. FILLERs are not defined in the repository. They are used as alignment fields, and do not contain any information.

The COBOL FILLER item is treated as if it were an item with a level number equal to that of the preceding item.

>FILLER in COBOL Tutorials
The COBOL FILLER is a special type of COBOL field. It is a reserved word, and you can have as many COBOL FILLER fields in a record as you want -- the name does not have to be unique as field names generally must be. FILLER in COBOL can also be used to create a field, or place holder, that you will never need to refer to by name, so you might find it contains actual data, not just blank space.

Explanation of FILLER in COBOL. It is a reserved word. The COBOL FILLER is used immediately following a level number and preceding a PICTURE clause that defines a fields size and data type. COBOL restricts the use of FILLER in COBOL to the Data Division.

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