COBOL on YouTube

50 years of COBOL - Mark Conway, Micro Focus
Mark Conway from Micro Focus talks about how COBOL has evolved over 50 years and still as relevant as ever.

Business value of CICS TS V4.1
This short YouTube video illustrates the main capabilities that CICS v4 delivers in business terms.

CICS Events and WebSphere Business Events providing Insight in to Action
This short animation illustrates how CICS can be a prolific producer of business events. When combined with with a patterns and rules engine like WebSphere business events, these events can provide...

CICS TS v4.1 High Level Technical Overview
Short YouTube video from Ian Mitchell illustrating the technical functionality that CICS TS v4 provides.

Agile COBOL 2009
Watch the Cobolator present Agile COBOL 2009! Brought to you exclusively by MAKE Technologies Inc.

September 18, 1959 began a project involving the creation of a universal programming language that could be used on any computer. The idea was that this new language would create business-oriented applications (or what today is known as management information).

COBOL Bootcamp
Batch 5 COBOL Mainframe Bootcamp.

animação da logomarca

Hello World in Cobol With COBOL-WOW and RM/COBOL for Windows
Video showing how to build a Hello World COBOL program using WOW Extensions.

History Of COBOL
NMSU ICT 460 Assignment #6: A Brief History of COBOL.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 1-1
Introduction to Microsoft(c) .NET.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 2-3
Visual Studio Solutions and Projects, Help System / Documentation, Integrated Dev Environment (IDE).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 4-2
Netcobol/Visual Studio Demonstration (part 1 of 3): Creating the consoleapplication1 project, setting options.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 4-4
Netcobol/Visual Studio Demonstration (part 3 of 3): Modifying Main.cob COBOL code, output window, Build in Debug mode, debugging, Build in Release ...

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 5-1
Introduction to Windows Forms, Form Designer Preferences.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-1
Intro to Object-Oriented Programming, OO COBOL.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-8
OO COBOL Demonstration (part 3 of 4): Creating a driver program for the class library.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 6-9
OO COBOL Demonstration (part 4 of 4): instantiating instance methods.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-2
Traditional COBOL File I/O Demonstration (part 1 of 2).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-4
Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 1 of 4).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-5
Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 2 of 4).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-7
Using ODBC with netcobol for .NET Programs - Demonstration (part 4 of 4).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-8
.NET Streaming Data demonstration.

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-9
ADO.NET demonstration (part 1 of 2).

.NET for COBOL Programmers: Lesson 7-10
ADO.NET demonstration (part 2 of 2).

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