Public Knowledge Bases

This is a question and answer service that includes a category for COBOL programming questions and answers.

>Comp.compilers Newsgroup Archive
All messages posted on the comp.compilers newsgroup are available in this archive, including COBOL compilers.

>Experts Exchange
This is a service that requires a subscription to ask COBOL programming questions and receive help, including searching their knowledge bases, articles, white papers, and forums.

>Free Programming Resources
This is a directory of COBOL programming links to free resources, including free compilers, articles, tutorials, source code and more.

>Google Groups
Group directory archive of messages posted on the comp.lang.cobol newsgroup.

>Internet FAQ Archives
This archive contains Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), including COBOL FAQs.

>Microsoft COBOL Knowledge Base
This includes a list of knowledge base articles published by Microsoft which contain COBOL references.

>MidRange COBOL 400/iSeries
COBOL 400/iSeries mailing list archive includes as400 COBOL postings.

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