COBOL JCL Examples

>COBOL JCL Procedure Tips - TechTarget
Here are numerous mainframe COBOL JCL 390 tips. 

>Job Control Language (JCL) - Wikipedia
This shows an example of COBOL JCL statements necessary to copy an existing dataset to a new dataset. 

>Job Control Language (JCL) Standard for MVS & JES2 - University of California, Santa Barbara
There are various COBOL JCL examples and illustrations. 

>Just Enough JCL Tutorial to be dangerous
The purpose of this booklet is to get you started with COBOL JCL when there is no other way - you don't have time to go to a class, don't want to buy a complete book on it and try to find the things you need to know. 

>MVS JCL - Louisiana Tech University
This is an example of print hello world on job output 

>OS/390 and z/OS JCL - Mike Murach & Associates
It contains the COBOL JCL coding segments and job streams that are used as examples in the book. 

>Sample COBOL JCL -
Here are various COBOL JCL samples. 

>Sample COBOL JCL Coding - IBM
It includes sample COBOL JCL codings that are useful for students and training centers. 

>The COBOL JCL Connection, Managing JCL, Procedures and PDS's - SimoTime Enterprises
The JCL Connection provides a suite of sample programs and documentation that use the mainframe Job Control Language (JCL).




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