Client/Server Code Examples

>CGI Examples Using iSeries COBOL
Here are a couple of sample COBOL CGI programs for the iSeries COBOL community. This library offers a COBOL interface to the CGI service program. A COBOL CGI tutorial is included. 

>MPE/iX Enterprise Client - COBOL Example
This COBOL program example will select and join two DB2 tables located on a Windows 2000 server, extract a few fields and sort by PROJNO. The results will be displayed in the STDLIST. 

>MQSeries for MVS/ESA - Message Handler Sample
This example provides C and COBOL sample code for a message handling application for WebSphere MQ for z/OS. 

>TCP/IP Server
This is a COBOL sample Client/Server application to show the basic mechanics of TCP/IP protocol and the HPe3000. It contains a TCP/IP client, written in Visual Basic, and a sample TCP/IP server for the HPe3000 server written in COBOL.

>TCP/IP Sockets, MVS - Datagram Socket COBOL Server Program
Here you will find basic TCP/IP socket programming information for MVS COBOL program developers who plan to use the socket programming interfaces of IBM TCP/IP for MVS. 

>" class="contentLink" target="_blank">Visual Basic/COBOL/SQL Sample Application
The COBOL sample demonstrates a mixed-language (Microsoft Visual Basic, COBOL, and SQL) application that can be used to build full-featured client-server applications. 

>Web Services from NetCOBOL
This demonstrates the use of a Web Service with the client developed using NETCOBOL for .NET. 

>WebSphere MQ COBOL Code Samples
The sample COBOL programs demonstrate how to send a request message, wait for a reply message, process a request message, and send a reply message. Samples are included from the MQSeries toolkit.



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