COBOL Examples by Source

>Micro Focus Acucobol Program Samples
This is a collection of COBOL program examples that help illustrate general programming techniques integral to developing with Acucobol. 

>AS/400, iSeries COBOL Programming Tips & Techniques
These are iSeries (AS/400) COBOL programming tips and techniques covering APIs, CGI COBOL, XML COBOL, and other COBOL code examples. 

>Bristol Community College, Priscilla Grocer
These sample programs cover COBOL language elements, two and three files matching, random and sequential files, bubble sort, relative files, screen processing, variable length records, working with dates, object oriented programs, and data structures. 

>C# Corner
Here you will find various COBOL .NET in C# related source code examples. 

Several WebSphere MQ COBOL code samples and COBOL code samples for the Alchemy / Fujitsu COBOL compiler, including PowerCOBOL code samples, are provided. 

>COBOL Bible
These are notes that have been obtained from various sources on how to write the syntax of COBOL programs. 

>COBOL Center
Here are examples of date routines, free-form number routine, loan amount/payment, convert numeric dollars, edit and reverse name, and table sort. 

Here are examples of integrating operating system functions into MicroFocus Net Express. 

>Davar Web Site
Here are examples of how to output the current date and time as DB2 timestamp to a file and how to edit input of an unsigned integer number. 

>Eastern Kentucky University
This sample calculates employee payroll information given the tax deduction table for the employee. 

>Free Programming Resources
Here are links to free COBOL resources and COBOL code. 

>Alchemy Solutions / Fujitsu Software
This is a collection of sample programs using Alchemy / Fujitsu COBOL, NetCOBOL for Windows, and PowerCOBOL. 

>GUI Innovations
This example demonstrates TCP/IP server for the HPe3000 server. It contains a sample TCP/IP client, written in Visual Basic, and a sample TCP/IP server for the HPe3000 server written in COBOL. 

>HostBridge Technology
Here is a collection of examples that have been developed to make it easy for a COBOL CICS program to send an outbound TCP/IP request (and optionally wait for a response). These programs are available in both Assembler and COBOL and can be used without HostBridge. 

>IT Doctors
This is a sample of VS COBOL code.

This sample was developed with the Open COBOL compiler. The Towers of Hanoi as a COBOL program. 

>Lawrence Truett
This site contains examples that demonstrate various COBOL syntax. 

>" class="contentLink" target="_blank">Microsoft
This sample demonstrates a mixed-language (Microsoft Visual Basic, COBOL, and SQL) application that can be used to build full-featured client-server applications. 

Here are downloads of the COBOL code of the programs in the Murach's Structured COBOL book. 

This Norcom sample program will display and handle user interaction with any type of GUI ScreenIO panel (including a property sheet or a wizard), regardless of the type or number of controls it contains. 

>Penn State Lehigh Valley
This program in COBOL sample is for beginner's. 

This is a suite of samples that were written using the IBM VS COBOL II or Micro Focus Net Express COBOL, covering Java, bit manipulation, data access, and more. 

>Softech Solutions
This is an example of a COBOL II bubble sort. 

>Sun Valley Systems
Here are samples that demonstrate date routines, free-form extraction, loan amount calculation, money to text, validate/reverse name, and table sort. 

Here are COBOL SQL sample programs that demonstrate features such as how to code a batch of INSERT requests, how to code a DB2 input pipe, how to code a transfer request, how to code keyword input, how to embed SQL in COBOL programs, and more. 

>University of Limerick
This is an accumulation of examples for beginner's that demonstrate selection and iteration, sequential files, sorting and merging, direct access files, calling sub-programs, string handling, the COBOL report writer, and COBOL tables. 

>University of Michigan - Dearborn
This sample COBOL code for beginners presents a hello word program and accept_num program.

General COBOL programs are provided that include COBOL scripts and code snippets. 

This sample COBOL code is for beginner's.


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